Feel the Love and Loss of Life in LeAnna Eden's "Don't Forget to Say Goodbye"


“Don’t Forget to Say Goodbye” is a warm, touching ballad, and the first single from LeAnna Eden's forthcoming album, Ease Your Soul, Chapman. The Milwaukee-native songwriter, currently based in Charlotte, partnered up with Joel Weldon Willis of Misfit Music N.C. who co-wrote and produced the song. It opens with a solemn, repetitive guitar hook, which persists throughout— resulting in the pair's spur of the moment experiment with open tunings. “He took my guitar, re-tuned it and handed it back. I started fiddling around and the melody just came to me," LeAnna tells me, "We went outside and basically wrote the whole song in two cigarettes time.”

LeAnna's shiver delivering, crispy vocals dance along with the guitar melody throughout the song in a laid back manner; a smooth vehicle for a raw, impactful message. "I wanted to write a song that really hashed out my early relationships. The fun stuff, the parties, riding bikes everywhere. But also highlight how close relationships of any kind can come to an end. Eventually people grow up and it's ok to (go) separate ways." Her lyrics paint a picture of how the routine of two people's relationship could not uphold its expectations. Ringing as a graceful reflection in contrast to its stark depiction of loss, it is a ballad of reflection and also a letter to her late brother who passed during the making of this record. “My brother who was my best friend passed in April 2018. Ever since then I've been just really thinking about life, people, relationships, just all of it.”  "Don't Forget to Say Goodbye" calmly exudes questions of life, death, and the messy journey between; with an acceptance that the answers might not be readily available.  

LeAnna stays busy as not only a songwriter, but the founder and producer of one of Charlotte’s favorite new festivals, BLA/ALT: Black Alternative Music Festival; a festival that centers the work of black and brown artists performing in rock and indie genres.  She is also excited to be playing the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville Tennessee on April 27th. If you're nearby, make sure to stay tuned for more details those endeavors, as well as keeping an ear out for Eden's album Ease Your Soul, Chapman; which is slated for a May 31st release. Check out the album's first single, "Don't Forget to Say Goodbye" below.

-Malia Seavey

Delaney Motter