Revel in the Unknown With The Mailboxes' New Single "All I Know"

“All I know” from The Mailboxes is a shimmering pop lullaby, and the first single from their forthcoming record, Inside Outside The indie pop duo from Chattanooga, Tennessee is comprised of founding member Jillian Ivey: vocalist and classically trained pianist, as well as her life partner and collaborator, Logan Ivey: a bassist who learned drums for the project. Recorded in Nashville at Tiny Tape Room with their friend and producer, Kyle Monroe, “All I Know” radiates all the love and care that went into it’s making.

Jillian’s lyrics offer comfort in the unknown, in the journey. “I don’t know is all I know” she declares. Her creamy vocal delivery tenderly floats in the company of catchy keyboard melodies, ethereal synths and Logan’s pure, steady drumming. The repetition of familiar scales and charming twinkles seems to invite listeners to take a step back, relax, and revel in the vulnerability that is life.

Fittingly, the pair will be celebrating the release Inside Outside with an adventure, combining their love for nature, performance art and music by taking the album to the Appalachian Trail from March until June. They will play acoustic versions of their songs to fellow hikers along the way, dressed head to toe in lavender, looking as soothing as they sound.

“Lavender represents our insides, our internal world - our creativity and our internal struggles as well as our desire to be comfortable and safe. Dark green represents our outsides, external forces - the beauty but also the danger found in nature and the experiences that shape our lives.” Lillian tells me about their color choices. “Getting our ‘inside outside’ is about figuring out how to find meaning and be our truest selves by constantly being on a journey of self exploration and also being aware and experiencing the world around you.”

After their thru-hike, The Mailboxes will embark on a 2-month national tour. Until then, you can follow their journey through the vlogs they will post periodically.

Take a few moments to close your eyes and unwind with “All I Know” below. 

-Malia Seavey

Delaney Motter