Zachary Vito Tells Us What We Already Know too Well on "Nothing Ever Comes for Free"


Arguably, one of the most universal truths is… nothing comes for free. Kind of like karma, whether we know it or not, every action we take will have a reaction. San Fransisco based artist Zachary Vito knows clearly knows this, as he states it rather matter-of-factly in his latest and last single as a solo artist - “Nothing Ever Comes for Free.” Produced, engineered, and mixed with the help of Melina Duterte (Jay Som) in their Oakland, CA home studio; the song itself builds a home out of a familiar sentiment. Truly a modern pop ballad, touched with a tinge of shoegaze, and a dosed with plenty of classic homey twang. Duterte’s presence and influence is felt though and through while the age-old law-of-life rolls off of Vito’s tongue with a distinctly comforting, soothing sort of ease.

It was with this final solo single “Nothing Ever Comes for Free” that Vito caught the attention of UK artist Bill Ryder-Jones. With that attention Vito convinced Ryder-Jones to help him record his forthcoming— currently untitled, album that will be released under Vito’s new moniker Brook Terrace (due out later this year). Leaving listeners more than enough to look forward to from Vito.

We have your first listen of “Nothing Ever Comes for Free” below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter