The Fun is in the Discomfort in Glued's New Single "Beach Boys"

glued promo (1).jpg

The music of St. Louis, Missouri band Glued sits comfortably in a space of discomfort. Like a puzzle piece that definitely doesn’t go there, but somehow fits anyways. The band’s new single “Beach Boys” perfectly showcases this special sort of intentional dissonance; expertly conveyed by Glued’s calm, cool, and collected demeanor. Rooted in post-punk, riddled with moments of angular art punk, and with a melodic poppy flair, “Beach Boys” is the soundtrack to losing your mind on a hot summer day— the one that you’ll listen to in the middle of winter.

Glued’s forthcoming album Cool Evil will be out 3/1/19 on Born Yesterday Records.

We have your first listen of “Beach Boys” below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter