Community College Find the Strength to Grow on new single "martyr"

Photo by: Emily Herr

Photo by: Emily Herr

From the minds of Dimitri Giannopoulos and John Margaris (Horse Jumper of Love) along with Margaris’ brother Dan, comes community college. Today they share with us “martyr” from their forthcoming album comco.

Rather than barging in, the band enters with a tip-toe. Vocalist John Margaris sounds tired, like he’s using the last of his energy at the end of a long day. Gentler and touched with a bit of endearment, community college’s sound is stripped down to the basics as a three piece. A single guitar and John’s voice alone drive the first half of the song. Eventually the track grows into a fuller sound, sprouting out of a dark and quiet corner, now filling the room. John’s voice grows too; as if he’s finally gained the strength to sing, yet still has something to contemplate.

According to John, “martyr” is about “Alexander the Great meeting a cynic, and a man who was killed for sacrificing to the wrong god in his temple - a secular martyr."

We have your first listen of “martyr” below.

-Delaney Motter

The latest on Disposable America’s ever-wonderful roster of acts, will be releasing comco next month on March 8th. Preorder it HERE.

Delaney Motter