Petrov’s Second Single “Half MT” Picks Up Where “Divine Wine” Left Off

Newcomers, Petrov, may just be leaving the nest of their basement practice space, but they are in no way fledgelings. Making sure to meticulously craft their debut EP, Petrov has spent a year writing and perfecting the six songs that make up Sleep Year. After listening to their first single “Divine Wine” and now “Half MT” it’s evident that the Charlotte, NC post-pop indie rockers are setting their own bar quite high.

“Half MT” begins with a driving downbeat intro and effortlessly transitions into the main guitar hook. The lead guitar hook is immersive and effortlessly paired with a complementary rhythm guitar part. Just seconds into the song and it’s obvious that the band hasn’t cut corners while recording and producing their music.

Once the vocals come into the mix, several relatable themes are introduced. Vocalist Mary Grace McKusick aptly sings of the desire to “figure it all out” which is pertinent to most of us. As the dynamics dip down, the song displays a range of thoughtful and undulating melodies. Just after referencing a “half empty (MT) vessel” the first chorus fully erupts.

Rather than relying on a gimmicky chorus, the band opts for a restrained approach. Turnarounds in previous phrases make for a hard hitting and memorable chorus—it’s catchy and it doesn’t tread in newfangled waters.

Petrov’s attention to detail is consistent throughout the bridge and remainder of the tune. The rhythm section and main melodies are continuously balanced, which allows each individual layer to resonate and live up to its full capacity.

Self Aware Records is set to release Petrov’s Sleep Year on CD, cassette, and digitally on March 15th. The band will also be playing a release show for their EP the following night at Snug Harbor.  

Listen to “Half MT” below and be sure to keep up-and-coming Petrov on your radar!

-Joel Parmer

Delaney Motter