“Angel on Cherry” from Ther Sheds Rays of Hope onto Moments of Darkness


Ther’s latest single, “Angel on Cherry, is a rough and tumbling symphonic ode to civil disobedience. The track was recorded and engineered by Andi Jones at their home studio in West Philly with Prudence Delilah on drums, Doug Dulgarian(Jouska/They Are Gutting a Body of Water) providing some vocals, and Andi taking on the rest of the instrumentation and main vocals. The song delivers a marked departure from the sweet, acoustic nature of Ther’s previous releases while holding true to their signature raw vulnerability and sense of experimentation.

Angel on Cherry opens with a stripped down, clicking drum beat and Andi’s jagged lead vocals softened by a harmony. “you felt it crawlin’ under your skin/you burned it off the clothes you're livin in/the laundromat is only down the street/think of all the people that you could meet”. Relief comes in waves in the song as it relaxes and tenses through the duration, sometimes somewhat abruptly.

This tumultuous feel makes so much sense when Andi elaborates that it’s about an Occupy ICE operation that they took part in last July. “It's about what a messy ordeal it was, and how everyone was there to do the right thing, but how personal failures (myself included)/ideological differences/police brutality/media misrepresentation of our aims and intentions made the occupation more emotionally wrought and less politically unifying and effective than it should have been. I was trying to capture the kind of feverish obsession we had with making a material impact in our local community, but how our madness got in the way of that.” The song has moments of strong desperation with intermittent rays of hope between the darkness.

Angel on Cherry song offers an unconventional structure and instrumentation, complete with small flourishes of effects, guitar scrawls, and coughs that make every second of this song special. It’s dissonant and disjointed at times, but offers solace when all the pieces line up in a harmonious blend of layered vocals and instruments. The track is full of little easter eggs - take a few listens and see what exciting new things you’ll catch each time.

Make sure to keep an ear out for Ther’s new EP “nonultrajoy” which is slated for arrival via Deep Sea Records on March 15th. Check out the first single below via phluff’s exclusive premier.

Delaney Motter