Clear the Mess From Your Head with "Jessie" from Space Mountain


There is a very particular sort of yearning that comes with wanting to get to know someone. In the deepest sense we all want to understand and be understood. But getting to know someone can also just be about all the pure, innocent learning. Finding out their favorite color, or how they like to celebrate their birthday, or what song they can’t listen to anymore because it reminds them of their ex. It’s sort of like reverse nostalgia, unwinding all the parts of another person that make them who they are today. Space Mountain’s latest single “Jessie” - from their forthcoming album, Togetherness, (out 3/7/19) encapsulates all of that magic. Gentle twee guitars accompanied by charming whistling eventually grows until it blooms and belts out full electric sounds- but only for a moment. Featuring Ava Trilling (of Forth Wanderers) and her captivating, endearing vocals; the track is a somehow still just a simple and sweet ballad. “Jessie” is the perfect soundtrack for clearing the mess from your head, so you have the space to help someone else do the same.

We have your first listen of “Jessie” below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter