Miserable Chillers' New Video is Exactly That: Miserable but Chill

Photo by: Beth Rudig

Photo by: Beth Rudig

Brooklyn, New York’s Miserable Chillers have mastered the art of modern melancholy. “Jamie” from Adoration Room - their split release with Sun Kin, is a moody, murky, and morose ballad to our youth. Telling the story of a life worn down and beaten by time, Miserable Chillers approach the bleak subject matter with a strangely comforting nonchalant attitude. The video undoubtedly calls on famed predecessors like The Cure and The Smiths for inspiration. Some rather avant-garde footage of a man lifting a cinder block (the metaphorical cinder block weighing us all down, of course), gives the video a current spin on an old familiar format. Altogether, the video conveys a relaxed sort of sadness. One that many can surely relate to.

We have your first look at the video for “Jamie” below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter