Angelboy + the Halos Debut Trustworthy Indie Rock Single "Closer"

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Angelboy + the Halos are a rookie band from Suisun, CA- and they’re sharing their single "Closer" with us a day before its official release.

The track starts off with an echoing guitar line, before the verse begins, accompanied by an energetic drum beat that drives the song forward. The song then bounces into the chorus, full of big fuzzy bass lines and a catchy indie pop hooks. That energy and feeling carry throughout the song, all the while framed by that gorgeous shimmering guitar tone.

The band's vocalist Ang told us that "Closer" is about trying to get someone to open up to you and to trust you and also ”how hard it is to get at a Scorpio,"

"Closer" is one of those songs that remind you of all the things you loved about charming 00's indie rock, but with a refreshing dash of modern reliability and youthfulness. 

We have your first listen of “Closer” below.

-Samantha Gagn

Delaney Motter