Layperson Lay Bare All Emotions on Debut Album 'The Divide'


It’s only natural to be drawn to vulnerability. Seeing people in their most broken-down and real state will always be inherently interesting because as humans we are both curious, and longing to be reaffirmed in our own emotions. Listening to Portland, Oregon artist Julian Morris- known simply as Layperson, creates music that invites listeners in for a glimpse of such a vulnerability.

After originally recording The Divide in a studio, Morris scrapped the whole thing and re-recorded it in the comfort of his own home. What resulted is the incredibly intimate album we hear today. Running the emotional gamut, the record truly lays bare Morris’ innermost thoughts and feelings. Moments like “Technicolor Skin” and “Brakeless Heart” are sparkling and lovable ballads for sunny day; while tracks like “Big Voice Nowhere” and “Funeral Dance” feel remarkably honest and sobering.

We have your first listen of The Divide - out tomorrow on Good Cheer Records, below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter