Dive Into Ancient Pools' New Track "Quarry"

From the misty, dreamy forests of the Pacific Northwest emerge Ancient Pools. The duo, comprised of Anna Jeter and Kevin Christopher craft contemplative and wistful indie pop. After almost 2 years of waiting, the pair will be co-releasing their debut album, Cosine, later this month (4/21) on Forged Artifacts and Feeding Rube Records. Today we’re sharing with you “Quarry”, the second single from the forthcoming record. Ambient and calming tones radiate throughout the track, instantly putting listeners at ease. A guiding but tranquil beat moves the song forward while hazy, gentle noise swirls around it. Comprised primarily of shimmering, soft electronic sounds and Jeter’s hushed vocals the track is a modern day adult lullaby.

We have your first listen of “Quarry” below.

Check out the band’s tour dates, also below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter