Whiner's Latest EP 'You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again' is Chock Full of Carefully Crafted Clashing


New Jersey quintet Whiner are the dark and moody power-pop band making music for the cool, edgy, goth older-siblings of the world. Their signature over-the-top approach brings their melodious melancholic sound to an anthem rock space.

On their forthcoming EP, You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again, we find the band exploring the dynamic range of sonic space. Nervy ballads dipped in fuzz like “Jump” tastefully tastefully contradict against glimmering morose melodies in songs like ”Mannequin.” What results is an EP full clever contrasts.

We have your first listen of You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again - check it out below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter