Spooled Up Spin Out and Release Anxiety on "Landmine"

Baltimore, Maryland quartet— Spooled Up, bring a fresh, fuzzy take on garage-rock on their latest single “Landmine.” The song is dipped in classically catchy, surfy tones while still taking a moment to explore a sludgier side of indie rock. Kind of like the anxious feeling that wells up inside when you’re about to meet someone new; it’s a little bit ominous, a little be exciting, and mostly just a manifestation of the mess inside of our heads. About “Landmine” the band said: “This song is about social anxiety, learning how to trust in relationships, and recognizing (and trying to beat) when you create problems in your head. It’s about feeling worn out and working to not let your mind over-run what’s actually going on reality. 

“Landmine” is from Spooled Up’s forthcoming EP Strange Worlds, out 6/8 on Crafted Sounds.

We have your first listen of “Landmine” below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter