Kitty Kat Fanclub Crash In Without Inhibition on "You Got Me Modernized"

San Jose, California is home to more than just some of the best burritos in America. It’s also home to Asian Man Records and its’ mastermind, Mike Park. When Park isn’t busy managing the label and releases from artists like Lemuria, Joyce Manor, Diners, Spaynard, and more— he’s making music with his friends in Kitty Kat Fanclub. Said friends culminate in a group of talented musicians from across the bay area, and features members from Stickup Kid, Hard Girls, and the famed Skankin' Pickle. Park, as well as Sim Castro, and Mike Huguenor (who also plays keys) play guitar. Jon McMaster (bass) and Justin Amans (drums) makeup the rhythm section. While Brianda Goyos snd Catherine Jones tackle vocals.


The band’s latest single “You Got Me Modernized” is a speedy, scintillating, synth-soaked anthem with a an edgy power-pop bite. The song crashes in, wasting no time and hitting listeners with a wall of sounds right off the bat. Driving guitars and wailing horns sprinkled throughout create a sense of urgency that won’t relent until the final 3 jab-like notes draw our wild ride to a close.

“You Got Me Modernized” comes from Kitty Kat Fanclub’s upcoming inaugural full-length album ‘Dreamy Little You’ - out tomorrow on Asian Man Records. 5% of ‘Dreamy Little You’ sales will go to various cat and dog rescue groups including Coppers Dream and 13th Street Cat Rescue! We have your first listen of “You Got Me Modernized” below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter