Kythira Shares Her New Sad and Sweet "My Name"

Photo by; Tim Goodwin

Photo by; Tim Goodwin

Summertime sunsets have been the inspiration behind countless poems, songs, and art pieces. There’s just something about the way the sun sets, painting the sky various shades pink and orange, radiating warmth for a few more brief moments before it inevitably dissipates. It evokes a particular sense of wistful nostalgia accompanied by a gentle optimism. As you watch one day draw to a close, you still know that the sun will rise again the next morning. This is exactly the romantic sentiment New York dream pop artist Kythira elicits with her latest single “My Name".

“My Name” was originally a poem-I realized I’m not very good at poetry, though, so it became a song. During the summer in NYC, I love to go on long walks around the beautiful, old apartments on Central Park West as the sun is setting. After one of these walks in the humidity, I was reminded of the feeling of dusk at summer camp, which is one of my favorite childhood feelings” the project’s mastermind Alyssa Gengos said.

Gengos spills out her sticky sweet vocals throughout the song like maple syrup down a stack of warm pancakes. Sparkling melodies create a pleasant contradiction when posed against the track’s melancholic, broken hearted lyrics. The sum of all of these contrasting parts is a whole that is childishly hopeful, a feeling more of us could surely use in our own lives.

We have your first listen of “My Name” - check it out below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter