Friend Of My Youth Channel Years Of Efforts Into “Ancestral” from Their Upcoming Debut Album ‘Telling’ LP

Friend Of My Youth was formed near the end of 2013 with the group’s two original members, guitarist/singer Indiana Laub and drummer Andy McCumber, living in Santa Barbara, CA. After six months of playing together, a self-titled tape release, and a handful of shows, Laub moved to Corvallis, Oregon and FOMY went on a hiatus of sorts. The future of the band was just pain uncertain.

Photo by: Donald Orr

Photo by: Donald Orr

Fast forward two years. Despite almost 1000 miles separating Laub and McCumber, they were able to travel back and forth, play more gigs, and write new music in borrowed practice spaces. More years passed, and with the help of newfound bassist Spencer Burnette-McGrath, Friend Of My Youth persevered. Although McCumber still lives in California and Laub and McGrath reside in Oregon, they’ve at last finished recording their debut album entitled Telling.

“Ancestral” is the first single from Telling. The song opens up with a moody, chameleon of a guitar riff. As the drums and bass guitar enter, they too are quickly revealed to be shapeshifters. The structure reorganizes as quickly as it is established. Guitar patterns transform from emotively straightforward into something busier and more twinkly. Both parts in the rhythm section follow suit; the meter is doubled as the song picks up its pace. This kickstarts the prevalent back and forth swaying demeanor throughout “Ancestral.”

There are several moments where the song dips down, crafting great dynamic contrast. Laub’s voice sounds heartrendingly fervid as she sings: “Saw you dead in a dream, but I’m still not happy, probably never gonna be” in a moment of deconstruction. But there are also louder, more aggressive moments in “Ancestral”. Later in the song, softer vocal melodies are replaced with full volume yells and pushed singing by Laub, matched by rapidly evolving instrumentation.

Friend Of My Youth’s Telling will be out mid summer, on July 19th. The LP is a split release between Salinas Records and Secret Pennies Records, and there's a tape version coming out on Phat'n'Phunky Records.

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-Joel Parmer

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