Wishie//Washie Make Us Feel Young Again with Their Debut EP


There in an inherent wonder and magic in doing something new for the very first time. For Emily Lofquist that “something new” is making music. Lofquist recently began her first musical endeavor under the name Wishie//Washie, and the recent Michigan-transplant has explored crafting sounds both as a duo with her partner and as a full quartet. Trying something new is fun and frustrating— It isn’t about being perfect, as Lofquist says, it’s about “~learnin' as I go~.”

The project’s debut EP, My Place, is chock full of love and the paradoxes that make up what it means to be young. A charming, youthful glow permeates throughout the album while still taking on the hard-to-feel-feelings. After all, youth isn’t all fun and games. Some moments feel disjointed and messy, almost as if they’re made out of musical legos. But they coherently express the very real anxieties that come with growing up and figuring it all out. While other moments revel in fleeting moments of pure juvenile joy, and allow us to escape from this collective adult hell we experience, even if just for a little bit.

We have your first listen of My Place, below— listen now!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter