"Every Bone" from Ester takes a Calmer, Warmer Approach to Pop Music

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You might be inclined to call the music of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Anna Holmquist (of the Curls) chill-pop. But that would simply be wrong. Holmquist’s solo endeavor, Ester, is an exemplarily warm pop project. Their latest single, “Every Bone” showcases Holmquist’s ability to create soft, short, and sweet ballads that feel big. In the small space of 2 minutes and 13 seconds, Ester crafts calming, resonate sounds that seem to entirely-envelope listeners. “Every Bone” brings atmospheric elements to traditional folky songwriting, and results in a charming yet effortless contrast that just seems to work .

We have your first listen of “Every Bone” - check it out below.

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter