No Aloha Share their Sweet, Synth-y Debut Full Length 'Okay Alone'


Portland pop project No Aloha are finally ready to release their debut album, Okay Alone, after making us wait patiently for more than 3 years since their inception in 2015. The tender, twelve track record takes us through waves of twinkling melodies, breezy ballads, and sincere sticky sweet songs. Spacey synth coats every inch of the album. Singer Brette Irish’s enchanting vocals effortlessly drift over driving, yet gentle fuzzy guitar and and charming electronic percussion.

Bubbly upbeat tracks like “In Your Car”, “Dreams”, and “Diversions” truly embody what it means to be a “bop” of a song. While songs like “Green”, “Break My Heart”, and “Summer Fall” showcase the band’s ability to craft slow-burn contemplative pop anthems. Tracks “My Darling” and “Shadow” are a modern take on nostalgic themes, and feature a unique blend of 80’s sounds and 90’s influence.

We have your first listen of the full album, Okay Alone, below!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter