Parrot Dream Revisit ‘Light Goes’ LP with B-Side “Woven”

Photo credit: Catalina Kulczar

Photo credit: Catalina Kulczar

Nearly a year after the release of their debut record, Light Goes, Parrot Dream reemerges— rushing in at full force with their new single: “Woven.” Vocalist Christina “Kiki” Hansen Appel leads with her howling keys, but it’s not long until guitars and drums trail in to fill in the blanks. Appel’s voice is wispy in the smoke of instrumentation, and while decidedly hazy, it is far from murky. Parrot Dream is an act that is wholly familiar of the space that they occupy, as well as the genres people ascribe them to, which leaves their lyrical, thematic and aesthetic choices open to experimentation.

“Woven” is one of three songs to be released as part of Light Goes: B-Sides via Good Eye Records. In an interview with the band, Phluff asked if B-Sides felt like collecting parts of a memory, or more like parts of a dream for the future; the duo leaned into the former. “These songs are definitely collecting parts of a memory,” they responded. “Memories of different formations of the band, people, friends, and a different musical headspace.” B-Sides errs on the side of crafting a keepsake of what once-was for a band that still is. Despite being “very close to being on the record,” “Woven” was left over due to vinyl’s physical constraints. “As ‘Woven’ was the last track to be written of the group we recorded, it felt less urgent to include at the time,” they wrote.

Much like their work on Light Goes, “Woven” steadily crests through Appel’s vocals and crashes into guitarist Gonzalo Guerrero’s glistening riffs. There is tact and precision in this structure, but Parrot Dream manages to steer towards an impressionistic output. Originally from Santiago, Chile, the band has spent the last several years in Brooklyn, New York. This transition has influenced their style in many ways— “namely listening to more experimental music has led to exploration and inclusion of different synth sounds,” they wrote. “[We] are currently working on writing and experimenting with asymmetry and atonality.” When prompted to identify the ideal environment to write songs or be creative in, they responded: “Anywhere [or] anytime your space is least cluttered with bullshit. A cabin next to a creek deep in the woods would work!” Parrot Dream’s music proves that not only is songwriting a vehicle for release, but a craft to refine.

There is more past the fog of “Woven,” and the band’s many sprawling anthems of existence, love, and purpose. In the face of life’s big, looming questions, Parrot Dream imparts some words to remember: “One very important and not so small thing would be to recognize the privilege that you have and to leverage any power you may have to support others.”

We have your first listen of “Woven” below.

-Alex Ramos

Delaney Motter