"Ghosts" from Harmony Woods Makes Space for Tender Contemplation

Photo by: Sonya Alfano

Photo by: Sonya Alfano

Dwelling on the past isn’t always a bad thing. Allowing ourselves to reflect on previous events and former versions of ourselves is what ultimately enables us to grow. Though she’s young, 19-year-old Philadelphia songstress Sofia Verbilla a.k.a. Harmony Woods, already knows this. In fact, making space for reflection and self-growth are exactly what her latest single “Ghosts” sets out to do. We all walk around with a multitude of ghosts, demons, skeletons, whatever-you-want-to-call-them behind us-- some metaphorical and some not. Simply acknowledging them can be the hardest part. Sometimes being left with nothing but your thoughts is necessary, it’s encouraging, it’s healing. Hopeful pop melodies weave through wistful indie rock hooks and seamlessly accompany Verbilla’s uniquely pensive yet tender lyrics. From her upcoming album Make Yourself at Home (Out Oct. 4th on Skeletal Lighting), “Ghosts” encourages us to take a moment in solitude to contemplate and process our own personal histories, and empowers us to take on our own demons. 

We have your first listen of “Ghosts” below. 

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter