Follow an Unsuccessful Vinyl Salesman as he Tries to Close the Deal in Beeef's Latest Video for "Morning Light"

Photo by: Andrew Gibson

Photo by: Andrew Gibson

Last month, Allston’s only band called Beeef released their debut single, “I’m So Sorry” featuring Sidney Gish, from their upcoming album Bull In The Shade slated to be released July 26th. This month they’re back at it again with two brand spankin’ new singles off the album. They released “Slide” earlier this month, and we’ve got an exclusive premiere of their newest single, “Morning Light”, a breezy summer tune that makes you feel like life’s hard sometimes and it’s okay to get lost in yourself to figure stuff out. Silky guitars unfold over a bold bassline, underscoring singer Perry Eaton’s crisp and clean vocals. It’s bright, it’s breezy, and it’s Beeef’s laid-back signature sound. The video, directed by Andrew Gibson, features a donut-loving salesman going door to door peddling Beeef’s 2017 album A Beeef CD, only to end up jammin’ in a basement with the band as they record their new single. The video was shot around Beeef's home of Allston, Massachusetts and features several of their friends from the neighborhood. 

We have your first look at the video for “Morning Light” below! 

Take a listen, clap back, be good to yourself, and get lost in the middle of the morning light.

-Reina Shinohara

Delaney Motter