Shunkan's Sophomore Album 'Cumberland Falls' Creates Space to Explore Some of Life's Most Obscure Topics


LA-based band Shunkan isn’t afraid to explore the obscure. In fact, their sophomore album Cumberland Falls dives headfirst into the unknown. Covering everything from the quintessential quarter-life-crisis and inevitable existentialism, to conspiracy theories and American Culture. At the front of it all, is Marina Sakimoto, the band’s songwriter and only official member. Sakimoto’s clever lyricism is sometimes zoomed-in, manifesting as incredibly intimate testaments of self-reflection; while at other very zoomed-out-- acting as a commentary on larger societal themes. 

This dynamic range of themes is paired with an equally dynamic range of sonic approaches to songwriting on Cumberland Falls. Quiet, tender moments land sweet and soft next to roaring guitar riffs that swell throughout the album. The natural ebbs and flows of the record make it feel episodic but whole, and cohesive-- as if completing a circle without having to tell a direct, single narrative throughout. On their sophomore album Shunkan have created the necessary time and space for expression of a wide range of sounds and emotions; a time and space we all deserve to experience ourselves.

We have your first listen of Cumberland Falls (out this Friday, 9/13) in full, below - listen now!

-Delaney Motter

Delaney Motter