Lucy Dacus Single "Addictions" Doubles Excitement for Upcoming Album

Lucy Dacus.jpg

After releasing “Night Shift” in the final days of 2017, Lucy Dacus’ first single from her upcoming album was slated at being one of the best releases in 2018; before the year had even begun. The 6 minute and 32 second behemoth that is “Night Shift” is everything one in need of catharsis can ask for in a song. It runs the emotional gamut, shifting from fragile to fierce and back again. In preparation for the release of the Virginia native’s second album, Historian, Lucy Dacus has released her second single from the album. 

“Addictions” is everything “Night Shift” is not. The second single from the album is riddled with horns and bass, coupled with Dacus’ lilting melody all culminating at the 3 minute mark of the song before ending with an abrupt and jarring conclusion. The song is all jangly guitars and sunshine, something that can be deceptive when looking at the song's lyrics. 

The building chorus of “You’ve got addictions too” forces listeners to look inwards and examine what it is that we’re relying on-- because we all have something. Paired with the new single was a music video directed by Dacus herself, portraying a protagonist wandering through a nameless city as they explore what it feels like to rely on something; whether that be substances or people. 

What we’ve heard from Historian thus far shows a maturation in Dacus since the release of her debut full length album, No Burden, in 2016. In a way, No Burden is almost the embodiment of coming to terms with one’s insecurities and the struggle to find a balance between uncertainty and obscurity that comes at such a formative time for young adults, something Dacus was experiencing first hand when she released No Burden at age 20. 


The forthcoming 10 track concept album follows the arc of being carefully hopeful in the face of difficulty, a theme that Dacus and the band have commented on, as they reach some of the darkest lows before coming out on the other side. Historian documents this course from start to finish, something we have gotten a glimpse of through the release of the first two tracks on the album, “Night Shift” and “Addictions”. On March 2nd, Lucy Dacus will release her sophomore album, Historian, through Matador Records.