Frankie Cosmos Show Growth in new single "Jesse"

“Jesse”- the lead single from Frankie Cosmos’ forthcoming record, Vessel, (the band's first album signed with Sub Pop Records), debut represents a natural progression from the intimate indie rock of her prior studio albums Zentropy (2013) and Next Thing (2016) as the band’s songwriter and front person, Greta Kline retains her candid and accessible yet poetic lyricism. On the track she sings with emotionally wrought statements, connected with a sort of dream logic, and though the language retains the casual dynamism of her previous work, it also possesses a newfound sense of conviction.

fc vessels.jpg

The song opens with Kline crooning “me and Jesse stayed up til two/ talked about dreams about things about you” evoking the intimacy and clarity of late night conversations. And though the song is seemingly addressing an ex-love, Kline proclaims “I created a scorpion and then had to kill it/ like how I loved you and then had to will it/ to end”- and the reader is invited into the narrative of a person picking up the pieces at the end of, not only a relationship, but of adolescence and naivety. The song’s lack of a repeated chorus and short length is unsurprising, given her previous releases, but the instrumentation comes across more polished and powerful than ever before serving as a solid foundation for her voice, which has only grown stronger over the years. It also should be noted that Kline plays in the indie rock outfit Lexie which released the debut Record Time! in June 2017. This project’s influence upon Frankie Cosmos’ newest release is evident but certainly not overwhelming. The track promises Vessel will be the be the best of both worlds- a glittering combination solid production and unflinchingly honest songwriting.

-Mary Kate Crowe