awakebutstillinbed Break the Silence on Their Debut Album

Photo by Miguel Zavala

Photo by Miguel Zavala

Think of the perfect marriage of aggression and melodic lullabies and you’d have the beautiful brainchild that is the San Jose stationed emo band, awakebutstillinbed. what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that others see you is the first LP from the band, and if you haven’t listened to it, you have something to look forward to.

Though it still doesn’t seem to be socially expectable, it is crucial to talk about the personal subjects that seem too uncomfortable to bring up in conversation. what people call low self-esteem, makes it a point to embrace conversation inhibitors like anxiety, how we see ourselves as individual people, and the fears that live inside of us. The first track, “Opener”, starts off in the fashion of a lullaby. It’s a story sung with softness and care paid to lyrics as the words transcend into what every person who has experienced depression and anxiety can relate to. It’s like a blanket waiting to be pulled off something that’s been held onto. The lyrics match the vocalization in a perfect marriage. “I sob when I speak/ They're looking at me/ But I can't tell what they see/ My thoughts slow to a crawl/ I embrace the fall/ So I won't answer your calls”. Lines like this are expressed with such exhaustion and weight. From there the spirit of the song gradually grows stronger as singer Shannon Taylor breaks the silence that she seems to have been holding on to. Her voice is no longer soft and careful, but full volume and cracking. Bandmates Borin, Ben and Elijah break the vein of a sweet guitar intro into a full band bash.


This album finds itself being repetitive which in this case only helps the album grow and latch onto listeners. The wants for a better life is well accompanied by labyrinthine guitar work in “Floor.” The breakdown of the song is similar to “Opener” as it develops. The main difference between the two is the intent behind the songs. “Floor” is more deceptive and tells a story of love gone wrong. This song also involves an experimental-esc guitar arrangement, completely different than anything else on the album.

 The whole LP channels an array of emotions as it makes its’ journey from start to end. Each song is a story about how toxic events have left an impact on us and how we now act in our everyday lives. Repetition is not a negative word when it comes to this release in particular. The reoccurrences in themes and messages gives the album stamina and goes to show that the band has something they really want us to hear.

-Riley DeSantis

Delaney Motter