New Tiny Engines Artist, iluminati hotties, Put a Sound to "Tenderpunk"

Photo by Kristy Benjamin

Photo by Kristy Benjamin

Illuminati Hotties' music could be described in the same way their band name could: tongue in cheek, fun, and a little angsty. A fresh signee to Tiny Engines, their new single "(You're Better) Than Ever" from their upcoming record Kiss Yr Frenemies walks the line between sassy indie pop and fuzzy '90's punk. Noisy feedback breaks are sandwiched in between catchy choruses, and melodious vocals are punctuated with aggressive moments. Bitter lyrics such as "all the things I used to do are boring now" and "I hate that you feel better than ever" are sung in sappy sweet melodies, which fits perfectly with the music, which their Facebook bio aptly describes as "tenderpunk."

-Sammy Gagnon


Kiss Yr Friends will be out on Tiny Engines 5/11 - preorder it HERE

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