Be in the "Know" and Listen to Kristen Barredo's Debut Single 'Know'

I wouldn’t consider you “in the know” if you have never heard of singer Kristen Barredo. The fresh-faced pop musician is new on the block, and recently released the R&B infused track “Know,”; which touches on feeling confident and secure in a relationship. With a little help from Baseball Gregg’s Sam Regan, Barredo's first single is sure to be a pop hit. After the track opens with faint scratches from a record player and synthy notes, Barredo sings “I just want to see you/I just want to feel you/I just want to know that this love is real.” The song feels extremely plush with Barredo’s silky falsetto voice and tube-like beats next to a dramatized string section. There’s simply nothing missing from this exceptional track. Listen now!

-Allison Kridle


Delaney Motter