Remember Sports Craft a Fun and Feisty Collage of Heartbreak and Frustration on 'Slow Buzz'

Photo by Carly Hoskins

Photo by Carly Hoskins

Remember Sports creates the kind of infectious garage punk music you can’t help but furiously bop your head to. Slow Buzz is the group’s latest release since their 2015 hit, All of Something. This record is also the first under their new name, a change that many are grateful for.

While one-word band names tend to be the catchiest and thus most sought-after in the industry (think PUP, Florist, ABBA, heck! Even our very own phluff!), some seemingly simple names can prove to be very complicated. Remember Sports learned this the hard way, previously known as simply “Sports”, a name they shared with a number of other bands, in addition to being one of the most generic terms in the English language. Trying to find the band’s Facebook page or a simple Google search to learn more about the Philly four-piece would prove to be in vain.

Despite the somewhat confusing name change, Remember Sports has undoubtedly trademarked their punchy and feisty sound. Slow Buzz is another entry in their discography, infusing their classic angst-ridden garage punk with some more slowed down and introspective tracks.

The record starts out in a relatively unconventional way for the group: slow, spacey, and sweet. With some otherworldly synths and a touch of 8-bit, “Otherwise” doesn’t resemble the All of Something days of Remember Sports at all, that is until the song suddenly explodes into punchy drum lines and trapezing vocals Carmen Perry is known for.

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The bulk of the tracks on Slow Buzz are the garage punk tracks with catchy riffs and infectious choruses that we come to expect. Just listen to “Up From Below”, “You Can Have Alonetime When You’re Dead”, and “Making it Right” for a dose of the upbeat yet also somehow incredibly angst-ridden tracks we’ve come to know Remember Sports for.

Just like the record’s intro track, “Unwell” starts out quiet and sparse, allowing Perry to use her vocals and lyrics to drive the song. Suddenly, the track bursts into that beloved drum-heavy punk we all crave. The contrast between of fun and feisty sounds paired with Perry’s angsty and vulnerable lyrics is one of Remember Sport’s finest tricks. “Up From Below” is a bouncy and upbeat track that covers themes like astrology and heartbreak and manages to weave in lines like "And I know everything's gonna be alright / It'll all be fine we just all wanna die" as if it were as easy as breathing.

“Temporary Tattoo” is the shortest track on the record, clocking in at a tiny 1:42, yet is one of the most texturally interesting soundscapes on the record. Starting off with a rapid fire guitar riff and drumline, breaking into a more hushed chorus that explodes back into quintessential garage punk when the next verse rolls around. The final 7 or so seconds of the track are dominated by furious instrumental that blend together into a fit of rage and pure energy. Despite the different soundscapes crafted on Slow Buzz, the tracks play off of each other’s themes and energies, and we end up with a collage of heartbreak and frustration. Remember Sports, we won’t be forgetting this record anytime soon.

-Isobel Mohyeddin

Delaney Motter