Grumpster's "Cutting Ties" Doesn't Care About Your Fame

Grumpter's newest EP release "Cutting Ties" is aggressive, in your face and says everything you wish you had the courage to say to your local rich jerk. This is the second release from the Oakland, California based band after their debut EP, "Funeral Tunes" —which came out around this time last year. "Cutting Ties" is a call to arms against the idea of fame over substance of art. Tracks like "Rich Kids” and "Pay to Play" combat  the belief that our character and natural feelings, such as humiliation and fear, can be tied up and replaced with your prominence and wealth. "I know you're up to nothing much/ Just get famous and don't give a fuck/ When humility's your fear".


"Hard Feelings" has the same attitude, but explores a more human perspective in which perhaps fame is being used as a shield to avoid embarrassment. Instead of creating what we truly want, we put on our cool guy sunglasses and swallow our thoughts. This lyricism is packaged with hefty bass that gives each song the appropriate amount of high energy. This is paired perfectly with each guitar riff you hear. 

-Riley DeSantis

Delaney Motter