Ovlov Make Their Triumphant Return on Frantic and Fuzzy 'TRU'

Despite a rollercoaster of a career that includes three breakups, one studio album, three LPs, and a split with Radiator Hospital, LVL UP, and Krill-- Ovlov’s latest record is only the band’s sophomore release. Following a five year hiatus, Ovlov have reemerged with their long-awaited second album, TRU.

As a whole, this record is frenzied with enough overdrive and fuzz to last a lifetime. The first track on the record, “Baby Alligator” sets the pace for the rest of the album, alluding to a fuller and more expansive sound than in the band’s previous releases. 

“Spright”, one of the record’s first singles, sways with enough feedback to drive any sound person wild. Despite the amount of classic Ovlov influences in this track, “Spright” is a much steadier and sober track than most on the record, a signal of Ovlov’s more matured sound and the potential for a more pensive and introspective sound. The lyrics on this track tell the universal story of trying to be happier and healthier. The shoegazey feel to the song make lines like “Eat well, feel well / Try on neon / Feel another way / When I run for better days”; feel forlorn, yet clearer and more truthful.

The second single off the record, “Short Morgan”, kicks it up a notch. The vocals on this track become more distorted the further into the chorus we go, until they sound like they’re bubbling up from six feet below. Much faster than “Spright”, “Short Morgan” features a mad and disorienting guitar solo from Steve Hartlett, as well as furious drumming from his brother Theo that drives the song towards the rock end of the genre spectrum. Steve, frontman and lead singer, told FADER: "'Short Morgan' is about being alone and not knowing how to handle it cause a lot of life can feel pointless without having a friend to share it with.”

Humming with a constant bass at the foundation for the song, “Stick” shows that not every track has to be as rapid and frantic as those before it in order for it to be powerful. Soft vocals contrast with heavy guitars which explode into short bursts, teasing listeners and tempting us with a taste of the foot-stomping and head-bobbing fuzz rock we all crave from the group. 

This album delivers on all fronts; finally giving longtime fans the album they’ve been waiting years for, while also providing us with a taste of what’s to come from the band in the future. 

-Isobel Moheyddin

Delaney Motter