New Single "Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues" Promises More Gritty Rock & Roll from Larkin Poe


When you think of gritty rock n roll or blues and roots, the last thing that comes to mind is
two sweet Georgia peaches, that took the trip to Nashville, but Larkin Poe have been
shaking things up in a male dominated genre of music, for quite some time.

The Lovell sisters have been non-stop touring the last couple of years, and along with
posting covers on their social media accounts, they’ve bagged themselves a steady fan base
that are always waiting for the next full-length release.

Peach came out towards the end of last year, and was an album fully written and produced
by Megan and Rebecca. It contained an almost even split between original songs and
covers– most notably "Black Betty" and "Come on in My Kitchen", which were stripped back,
traditional stomp and clap kind of songs.

Larkin Poe have just announced their next LP, Venom & Faith alongside a single called
‘Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues’, which in typical Larkin Poe fashion, is all Americana, saloon
door swinging rock n roll. They have the kind of sound that makes you want to don some
leather, grab a glass of whisky and get your sassy side out.

If you pre-order Venom & Faith, you will get an instant download of ‘Bleach Blonde Bottle
Blues’ and ‘Ain’t Gonna Cry’ which is a more stripped-back and melancholy song where
Larkin Poe emotionally touch on the struggles with keeping faith; “I don’t know how to pray.
I say hallelujah anyway.”

Larkin Poe will independently release Venom & Faith November 9th

-Tyler Kelly

Delaney Motter