'Scabs' from Camp Counselor Wraps You Up in Warmth


Camp Counselor is the songwriting outlet for St. Louis, Missouri's Mickey Yacyshyn. Their new EP Scabs contains six tender, poppy-twee songs that will wrap you up in a warm blanket, kiss your forehead, and tell you that everything is going to be alright. 

The EP opens with "Museum of Broken Relationships," which right off the bat gives me The XX vibes with its downplayed electronic beats and plucky guitar lines. Mickey's voice is so airy and gentle, it fits perfectly with the music. The song crescendos into a fuzzy lead line that melts perfectly into the reverberated guitars underneath it. 

The next song, "Cotton Mouth,” is by far the most dissonant and noisy on the record. Dreamy, shoegazey chords uplift Mickey's voice during the chorus, giving the song a somber, hazy quality. "Devil's Advocate/Apathy" opens with a really great dance beat, and is paralleled by a guitar riff that reminds me Sonic Youth's clean guitars on "Daydream Nation.”  Lines like "sometimes I get overwhelmed by small things and feelings I don't know well" hit a little bit too close to home for me.

A deep, dark bass guitar ushers in "Black Crayon,”  a tender song about missing an old friend from high school that you've lost touch with. This song well showcases Mickey's lyrical ability, and it's very touching. 


"Turning Songs Into Rituals" opens with a Bob Ross sample, which is so cute that it made me tear up. The guitars on this song sound kind of washed out, like they're being played out from an old cassette tape. 

The EP closes with "When It Counted,” a charming song about good friends cheering you up when you're sad. It feels like a perfect, happy ending to a  sweet record. 

"Scabs" feels like a record nostalgic for a time that has passed, while still feeling fresh and original. Kind of feel like a puffy jacket in the winter: theses songs are warm, cute, and comfortable. 

-Samantha Gagnon

Delaney Motter