bed. Explores the Turbulent and Tranquil Nature of Relationships with 'Replay'

Photo by: Corbin Corbin

Photo by: Corbin Corbin

Portland-based, bed. began recording Replay in late 2015 with renowned PDX engineer Larry Crane (Cat Power, Death Cab For Cutie, Elliott Smith).
The band’s core lineup consists of wife and husband Sierra and Alex Haager. While they’ve taken their time crafting this self-described “slow-fi” release, the two have a relationship that bloomed rather quickly. They met in San Francisco back in 2013 and within months relocated to Portland, tattooed each other's names on their bodies, and eloped.

Untraditional paths are more exciting anyways, right?

Since the band’s inception, bed. have released several singles and an EP that vamp and crescendo with swells splattered with shoegaze textures and songwriting qualities teetering on indie-pop persuasions. However this is not entirely the case with Replay. The album hits hard with a striking first track, appropriately titled “First One.” Transitioning into the final chorus of the song, the lyrics show that the title is more than just a placeholder and a deeper meaning is unveiled:

“We had all kinds of ideas back then, but the first one was the best.”

Sierra (guitarist) and Alex (bassist) both sing in bed. and their voices affectionately blend together with lyrics that allude to stories of relationship hurdles and growth. In a short interview with Noisey, Sierra describes frustrations she was feeling around the time of writing the title track “Replay” and how it culminated:

“We were living in Eugene, Oregon in a duplex where we shared a bedroom wall with our landlord, so we would have these brutal silent fights for hours on end...It sounds funny now, but at the time we would just tear each other apart...Just as we were getting to the end of our collective rope, and maybe because we were worn out from months of fighting, we started having moments of clarity where we could hear and understand each other. It wasn’t perfect, but we slowly started to make space for and understand each other.”

All of the pull-at-your-heartstrings vocal work in Replay are enhanced by compositions of sluggish riffs soaked in fuzzy, polyphonic bass. In hindsight guitar parts throughout the record articulate some clever pop-infused hooks that ease up tension and stick in your head for days.  

bed.’s Replay is the byproduct of an introverted couple that feels tangible to listeners. It is an honest, genuine, and hopeful release.The Haager’s manage to gracefully fuse together a raw sound that is beautifully lo-fi and just polished enough to shine, without covering up the scratchy imperfections that make us human.

-Joel Parmer

Delaney Motter